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The Services We Offer

We have an unparalleled range of services to help you get the most from banking with us. With our knowledge, expertise and resources we can help you find and implement the correct financial solution for your given situation. From special emergency loans and school fees loans to mobile banking and financial support, we can take care of it. Find out more from below, or visit our offices.


This service is offered to members who wish to have their salaries paid through FOSA. The employer simply channels the salary through FOSA and we as Shirika Sacco Society in turn credits the money to customers’ account. Salary processing is charged kshs. 100 per transaction.


Salary advances will be offered through the FOSA on condition that salary is channelled through the society. Maximum advance is 60% of the salary repayable in one month with a recovery period of one month.

Maximum of 60% is channeled through FOSA.

Member must be left with atleast Kshs. 2,500 in the account after all deductions.

Interest charged will be 6% per month.


This is a voluntary contributory savings where members save for a specific purpose and can withdraw provided they maintain a minimum account balance. This could be savings for future planning, College education, holiday package etc. This account has no monthly charges.