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Shirika Sacco was established in 1969 by staff from the ministry of cooperative. It has since opened up membership for all who are 18 years and above and willing to pool funds together for a common objective-development.
On becoming a member, you will need to save monthly contributions for atleast six months to enable you start enjoying our various range of credit facilities in line with your needs.
The amount of loan we offer will depend with how much you save per month as it is multiplied three times. This means that the more you save, the more you have to apply for loan giving you higher loan and also interest on deposit as what you have in your account at the end of the year, depending with the month you come, will earn you interest.
Requirements for joining;

  1. Duly filled membership form
  2. Passport photo
  3. Copy of identification card
  4. Registration fee of Kshs 1,000/= (non -refundable)
  5. First deposit (which should also include 300/= risk fund paid by all members)

We have various option of payment;

  1. Check off system where the employer deducts from the payslip- contribution is 10% of gross pay paid monthly.
  2. Non-check off members-those who are in business and self-employment have paybill and standing order option. Should you choose paybill to send your contributions, during loan application, you will need to place a standing order including the monthly contribution and loan monthly repayment principle as your total filled in the standing order. This is to reach us by 10th of every month.

All loans you apply will need atleast 3 guarantors.
We are here today because of our members who have been saving 10% of their gross pay thereby making us rely on our own internal funds to provide loans and interest on deposit because we always have enough for everyone.
You can download membership form, fill and send to;
You can also call marketing on 0726277778 Or customer care on 0724610715
Paybill no: 177683
Account number; Co-op Bank, Stima plaza. 01100069026301
7500 Plus

Minimum Share Capital

Member Registration Fee

Membership Benefits

Casual Man signing contract
High savings will result in high dividends.
High interest on deposits and dividend given right in time in the month of February. We give divided advance in December for early school fees planning giving you an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones in the village.
We approve emergency  and all loans below one million every day.
Loan repayment period of up to 84 months.
Sacco interest rates on both savings and loans are generally better than those offered by commercial banks.
Three times your savings loan entitlement.
We give development loans upto 84 months  enabling you to build or acquire your dream home and lift your business.
The society was established in 1969 and still growing strong through the good savings culture of our members enabling us to rely on our internal resources to give loans and pay dividends. We have visa card and M-banking application enabling you to access your finances conveniently and also do your shopping.