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Shirika Junior Account:

For our members who love their children and passionate about early planning for the education of their children. It saves you the burden of school fees and let you have peace of mind. For as low as Kshs 500, you can make small savings that will go along way earning interest on quarterly basis.  Withdrawal is timed by the child’s education calendar as it is done once on quarterly basis. Interest earning balance is ksh4,000. For the members who have saved upto Kshs 50,000 and above, we promise to reward your junior with a birthday token. A dully filled form, a copy  of birth certificate and passport photo is needed.

Masomo Savings:

Minimum savings Ksh.500 per month. withdrawable 3 times in a year. minimum interest earning balance Ksh.4.000. 3 free bankers cheque.

Christmas Account:

Minimum savings Ksh.1,000 per month. withdrawable once per  year. Minimum interest earning balance Ksh.4.000. Attractive tours and travel packages offered.

Fixed Deposits Accounts:

Minimum Ksh.5,000. Interest is 7.5% annually on prorata basis.


Withdrawable Saving Scheme (WSS ):

Is a voluntary contributory savings where members save for a specific purpose and can withdraw anytime. Minimum savings 500/per month. Maintenance of 2.500/- in the account for the whole year attracts an interest of  5% A member can transfer all funds to Personal account.